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Pix Brook Academy

School Day Timings Update

Principal Steve Adams is pleased to provide further updates on Pix Brook Academy school day timings, wraparound cover & aftercare plans.

We were keen to publish these confirmed timings as quickly as possible to allow for forward planning & taking into account other school start/finish times and these logistical considerations.  Transportation plan is currently being looked at and discussed with relevant bodies.

School Day:

Wrap around care:

The school will be open from 8.00am

Breakfast club: 8:00 to 8:20

For the first year the school will provide accommodation for pupils from 8:00am. This will be at no cost because the expectation is that it is to look after the pupils before the normal start of the school day. It will not provide breakfast but will supervise for the 20 minutes. 

After school club: 3:05 until 6:00.  Details of which clubs will operate will be determined by the Principal, staff & demand with costs to mirror those of Etonbury.

From 3.05 to 3.30 there will be aftercare provision for those waiting to be collected upon agreement with the school.