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Pix Brook Academy


Career preparation and work related learning is of paramount importance here at Pix Brook Academy. We believe that all pupils should have the opportunity to gain awareness of how their own unique blend of talents and interests can lead to a wider range of futures in a complex and ever changing world. 

A planned and comprehensive programme of lesson activities prepares our pupils for the opportunities in choosing pathways at key transition points (eg GCSE options and post 16 educational choices) that suit their interests and abilities and helps them to work towards a career path and sustainable employment. This prepares students for life in the wider world. (Further details are given by year group below).

The work related learning goals reflect the Gatsby Benchmarks, and focus on the development of core employability skills. These are met through subject teaching, dedicated lessons and experiences in the Citizenship programme, activities during National Careers week, tutor time and assemblies, as well as parental information shared via PBA Newsletters. 

Year 7

Citizenship programme on learning opportunities for life in the wider world:

  • aspirations
  • different work roles and career pathways
  • organisational and study skills
  • research and presentation skills
  • creating presentations about routes into work, training and other vocational and academic opportunities.

Year 8

Citizenship programme on learning opportunities for life in the wider world:


We build on the Year 7 curriculum adding in the following:

  • Understanding how skills developed in school can be useful in future careers eg. listening, speaking, problem solving, aiming high, creativity 
  • Understanding Labour Market Information eg.  labour market opportunities/threats
  • Developing personal leadership and teamwork attributes 
  • Developing and maintaining a positive mindset in the face of challenge
  • Setting ambitious goals for oneself  and being open to opportunities in all aspects of life. 


We constantly search for new opportunities for our pupils. If you have an idea or could offer us support please contact Mr A.Scott , Careers Leader 

Telephone: 01462 416243 or by email: