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Pix Brook Academy

Pix Brook Academy Prospective Parents Opening Information

Dear Prospective Parents

The current situation regarding COVID-19 means that a “normal” open evening is highly unlikely to be possible in November. This is obviously a great disappointment to all at PBA. In lieu of the normal open evening, I would still like to offer prospective parents an opportunity to see the school.

Because of the need to minimise contact between pupils and parents from different bubbles, I am proposing that we make the school available to visitors at the end of the school day. I am also offering different weeks to each of the lower schools to avoid pupils and parents from different schools mixing. In this way, I hope to be able to minimise contact between pupils who attend different settings.

Clicking the appropriate lower school link below, will take you to an appointment page where you will be able to arrange a time to visit the school. Tours will be for approximately 30 minutes and will be in groups of six. Times will operate at 3:30pm, 4pm and 4:30pm. Please can I ask that just one parent accompany each child to enable the group not to exceed six. Please do not book more than two spaces per family. It is also important that you access the correct link for your lower school. As per Government guidance, we will require adult visitors to wear face masks.

Dates for the tours are:

Roecroft Lower School
Week commencing Monday 16th Nov


St Marys Lower School
Week commencing Monday 23rd Nov


Fairfield Lower School
Week commencing Monday 2nd Nov & week commencing Monday 30th Nov


Gothic Mede Academy
Week commencing  Monday 9th Nov & week commencing Monday 7th Dec


Other Schools
Week commencing Monday 14th Dec


You will appreciate that this is a significant commitment in terms of time and staffing. The tours will focus on the KS2 element of the building and provide an insight into the KS3 and KS4 provision without touring these areas. It is a shame that we cannot give you an opportunity to see the pupils in class, but social distancing makes this impossible.

These are very strange times but I hope you will find the time to visit our school and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours faithfully

Mr S Adams