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Pix Brook Academy

Vision and Values

Pix Brook Academy is part of the BEST Multi Academy trust. The core values of the multi academy trust contribute to our overarching vision and values of the school.

Pix Brook Academy has a mission to educate the socially responsible citizens of the future. There are three core values that underpin both the intent and actions of the school. These values permeate the policy and practice within the school and have at their heart the clear moral purpose in ensuring that all members of Pix Brook Academy relentlessly focus on improving and enhancing the life chances of the members of this school community.

As a school we are:

  • Unapologetically Ambitious
  • Relentlessly Aspirational 
  • Socially Responsible

These values contribute to our actions and behaviours in all aspects of the school. Lessons are appropriately challenging; subjects taught are academically rigorous; relationships are suitably mature and expectations of conduct are high.

Ultimately the goal of the school is for young people to leave prepared for their future. They will be conscious of their responsibilities to others and leave with the skills, both academic and personally necessary to achieve their goals in society.

To add a flavour of what these principles mean in practice they are best understood by considering the elements that are associated with each: Our ambitions for the young people in our care is to provide a learning environment that leads to improved life chances. In reality that means providing a curriculum that provides the educational foundations that are both rigorous and engaging. We will ensure the curriculum is broad and balanced and has the key skills necessary to be successful in an ever more competitive world.

We believe in the power of high aspirations for our community. Aiming high is about looking to see what might be achieved. It is about setting targets that are aspirational and providing examples of opportunities that are beyond the expected. Having the chance to hear from experts in their field or experience something that is different from the norm can be the key to achieving something different in life.

Finally we are all too aware that as educators we are privileged to be working with the future leaders and custodians of this planet. We believe we have a moral responsibility to ensure that the importance of this is not lost on our young people. Education is about qualifications and experiences, but it also about thinking and responsibility. It is vital that we prepare young people not just for their job of work but for their contribution to their community. By providing a rich and varied curricular we can hopefully broaden our understanding of what it means to be a responsible citizen.

These broad principles are beginning to influence the thinking behind the curriculum offer. The focus on the delivery of the core of English, Maths, Science, Humanities, MFL and PE will obviously make up the majority of our teaching time. The key to achieving our broader aims will be to ensure that these subjects are delivered in a way that engages and excites the learners. Drawing from the world around us and using this to exemplify and engage is the challenge we look forward to.